Over the last few weeks or so I've been intensively refurbishing a Vespa Sprint body that had seen better days. The scope of the repairs are quite extensive also including the fitting of a new floor board.

An ongoing record of the work is posted at the following site for anyone interested in this type of refurbishment.


Here are a few pix of illustrating the initial state of the body before refurbishment was started. The body was initially sandblasted.


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Gosh that is an amazing transformation Vince.  Can't wait to see the final outcome.

Vince's work on this frame has been superb and his attention to detail impeccable. If you look at the sequence of photos in the link, it is evident how bad the frame was and how Vince has literally saved this frame. Chapeau !

Thanks for your 'thumbs up' comment Darren. It's most appreciated.  Restoring this classic Vespa's body was certainly an intensive task but well worth the result. Just under 50 hrs in total. I'll be forwarding it on to Roberto (Vespa Wizard) so that he can work his magic with a full mechanical, electrical and paint refurbish for a prospective buyer(?)

If you've seen the finished Postie Vespa...that too came up a treat and has now moved on to a new owner. It's a good feeling saving these lovely machines.

Cheers ~ Vince

To finalise the epic build story on this 68 Vespa Sprint Roberto (Vespa Wizard) contacted me today and asked if I'd like to drop by his workshop to see the finished scooter. Roberto had recently completed the mechanical and 'bling' refurbishment after picking it up from the painters...who did an amazing job in a 2 pack paint system. The engine has also had a few upgrades increasing capacity to 170cc, suitable larger choke carb, a bigger bore muffler and electronic ignition.
The finished product truly is outstanding especially when you consider the condition of the scooter as first presented!
Here are a few pics of the Vespa. I'm sure Darren (owner) will be truly amazed by the transformation.

The first image shows the correct colour of the Vespa.

Roberto (The Vespa Wizard

The chrome script is still to be added to the front panel

It looks amazing, and I love the color...  Darren here she is...:)

Julie, the paint color looks much better in the flesh than the photos (did you have your rose colored glasses on Vince?). Above is a pic I took as we fitted the floor strips. It's the only significant non genuine thing I did as all of the Sprints were a silver blue in 67. The following year they increased the paint palette so I took a liberty and painted her red.  It truly is amazing considering what the original paint work hid. Because of the structure of these frames, they can rust from the inside out as happened with this one. They look OK until you strip them down. Vincent did an amazing job of the panel work. I spent countless hours doing the contouring and paint prep.  I did start to spray her myself but worked out that acrylic paint just doesn't work well with the Vespa's contours. I flew the white flag and Roberto and I took her down to a local panel shop that took on the challenge. I always wanted a red Vespa so the paint is actually the Ferrari Rosso Corsa from the 60's. Roberto and I worked on her when she came back before I headed to Hobart. As of writing this, I haven't seen Roberto's finished artistry. I'm looking forward to it next week and REALLY looking forward to finally joining you all on a Vespa ride with a Vespa instead of BMW.  Before that I have to slide out for a ride with Vincent and Roberto and possibly a celebratory glass of Chianti ;). 

Ah yes that does look more like the color that Roberto send me Darren..LOL looking forward to seeing her on the road with us soon. :)  all in all a fantastic job and I will have to get my PX sorted as it has some worrying rust that needs to be seen to soon. 


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