Hi everyone.  I'm about to purchase a SuperTech.  I'm in Adelaide and they have a 2019 on the showroom floor now.  The 2020 model will take a week or two arrive.  I'm wondering what the differences in the models are as I can't find any info searching the web?  

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my experience after 3000km on my superttech (grey) purchased end of october

ambient temperature: it's useless

fuel tank: I managed to squeeze 8 litres into it after doing 270 km.

asr: I turn it off whenever I sneak to the front of the traffic at the lights and want to 'launch' hard, but I leave it on otherwards.

had the service guys clear the service icon and update the firmware last week. don't notice any difference in the dash etc but it did clear my settings such as ui language etc. (why only last week, cause when I got first service it was just under 1000k + the guy who does that wasn't there that day and then covid closed the shop).


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