I have owned this 2013 GTS 300 for 2 years now and it has been the best riding I have ever enjoyed. I am a rusted on manual gear rider but I have to say that this was a new fantastic experience. I bought it from a customer as a repairable write off as it had been hit in the back, without structural damage. I the set out to put it back on the road and in the process I powder-coated several parts to eliminate any trace of chrome. The passenger foot rests, the brake levers and the rear carry rack have also been powder-coated. I even painted a black frame on the indicators lights. A unique, personalised bike that I now need to sell to finance a trip to Italy to see family and friends for probably, given our age, the last time. Rollers and belt done at 14000Km. Please call 0419 365507


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Sold it to a Geelong club member.

And that Geelong Club Member is soooooooooooo excited to be riding Miss Valenica :)


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