This GTV 250 was bought by an Australian that, at that time, was living in Ney York.

He used it there until he came back to live in Melbourne and he imported the bike with the approval document issued by the department of infrastructure. The scooter was also inspected by a RACV accredited engineer who issued the VASS certificate needed to obtain Victorian plates. This explains the speedo indicating miles and not Kms and the odometer showing 9426 miles (15,169 Km).

Shortly after coming to Australia, the fuel pump packed up. This was a common problem for the 250 and the pumps were replaced for free as they were part of a factory recall. However, as the bike had been purchases in another country, the local vespa importer refused to change it free of charge, even if the VIN was within the numbers included in the recall. The owner contacted me and I replaced the pump. Since then I have regularly serviced this bike

Originally the bike was a beige colour but the owner decided that he wanted it resprayed grey. The vespa was dismantled and reassembled in my workshop and Joe carried out the paint job.

This summer, during a very hot day, as the coolant had not been checked by the owner, the engine overheated causing the head gasket to be damaged and the coolant was mixing with the sump oil. Luckily, the bike did not run for too long and, on examination during the work to replace the gasket, there was no evidence of any damage to any engine components.

The drive belt, rollers and sliders have just been replaced

The Vespa is now ready for sale, with registration until the 27th December 2018. It is running well and it is a great commuter.

It comes with front and rear original Italian FACO carry racks and a RWC will be provided at the time of the sale.

Price: 6250 neg.

Please call Roberto on 0419 365507 for inspection and road test

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Sorry... I wrote RACV engineer but I meant VIC Roads....

Roberto..Julie put me onto you re your grey gtv. I have a green 66 150 super had for about five years now i need to upgrade to a modern bike so my daughter can learn to ride...do you want to swap?

Well... it depends on what your bike is like.  It may not be worth what I am asking and there may be some cash involved. Please send me pics of your bike on thevespawizard@optusnet.com.au


OK... The price is now 5750 not neg.


Yay and a new member too.


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