1st Podcast - Mis - Adventures - Stories by David Atkinson

Welcome, to the Vespa Club of Melbourne, first pod cast.

The following  audio tracks, were inspired by reading David Atkinson's ride memoirs, from the last couple of years. They take account of the many joyous hours that David has spent on his Classic Vespa. He describes the Victorian countryside, the ride journey, the country townships, the people along the way, and paints a colour descriptive, that only a true wordsmith can author.  David's love, of his Classic Vespa, as it wheeses round the curves, and along the narrow straight roads, can be heard in his words, as he tells of his adventures, riding his Classic Vespa.
I hope you enjoy, David's stories, as much as I have. Perhaps you could listern to his stories while riding your own Vespa?.

Click the link below and enjoy the stories.


(you may need to use one of the options on the page to play, alternatively download it to put on your ipod or phone)

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