I have a 1974 US Rally 200 for sale. I had it advertised last year on the usual sites and had a fair amount of interest, no one was forthcoming with the cash, but met some interesting people. I am putting it up here only for anyone that may be interested at $4800 firm.


The history.

I bought it from a guy in Salt Lake City when the exchange rate was heaps better and imported it to Brisbane, after 3 months without fluids I topped it up and it fired second kick and has done ever since. It is registered here in Queensland with only the addition of a mirror. Apparently it was purchased new in San Francisco, ending up having 4 owners before me.


It has at some stage been converted to 12V and had the tail light replaced with a euro style. The speedo doesn't work (im sure it did when it arrived). There is some oil but hey its an old scooter. I may have fixed this anyway by replacing the oil line, oil filter and tap and sight glass gasket last weekend.


Apart from the scratches and chips in the paint it is very very straight. I have heaps of extras : parts manual, user manual, rear BBQ rack, original US tail light, front rack, etc.


I have loaded up a few pics under my profile. Let me know if you are interested in buying it, more pics, or info. Also happy to share my import experiences for anyone considering the same!







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Jeremy, could you please ring Dennis on 0423782249. Cheers Dennis
Hi Jeremy, the 74 model was the only model with the key under the seat. This rally has the key under the handle bar do you know why?

Hi Claudio, you are correct. I just left the key in the steering lock. I am posting more pictures this evening to provide more detail. cheers Jeremy

Hi Jeremy, mate can I ask some questions please. What were the costs involved in bring the Vespa all the way from Salt Lake City. Also how many miles has she done. It looks well looked after for a 74.

Hi Anthony, the scoot has just been sold to a Melbourne based member (I had better fork out for membership now eh). It is in good condition for age, has its fair share of scratches and chips but appears nothing more than paint deep, I have tried to show the worst clearly in the photos. The transport from Utah to Brisbane was problem free. The seller transported it to LA (the departure port) for $450 (cheaper than the transport companies quote by heaps) and emptied the fluids for me. Transport company $1200 plus $95 insurance LA to Brisbane. BUT you have to pay 10% on transport AND vespa price (another $450). Don't forget the $50 approval to import from Canberra. Three months later fluids back in and fired up second kick. Luckily I had an honest and helpful seller. If you could get something already based in LA it would be a very reasonable exercise I think given the number of vespas and in particular the harder to get models there. happy to provide contact details of the transport company. interestingly the container ship stopped in Melbourne before Brisbane so might even be cheaper. cheers


Thanks Jeremy for becoming a member, and congratulations for selling the bike through our site.


Dennis/Claudio who is the lucky new owner LOL...????????  

Thanks Jeremy for becoming a member pity you are so far away but I guess you can keep in contact through our site.... looking forward to seeing the scoot at a breakfast.... no doubt you will see pics of it in the near future surrounded by lots of other lovely vespas...LOL.....

Thanks, will be weird seeing it from a distance. At least it will get to stretch its legs a bit more than it has here.


Julie, I'm finding it hard to come up with a name for one Rally 200.... let alone two!! so it's not me. Cheers Dennis.

LOL Dennis....thought you had caught the classic bug...:)

Just for interest.

The Rally is now in my workshop and I have been asked to fully restore it to a bright red (rosso corsa).

I have bought a set of Rally handlebars from Italy (same as the Sprint Veloce), that will make it look like the Italian version. The US version had a smaller headlight.

It is going to be a stunner


Nice. Looking forward to seeing it Roberto. I'm sure you'll do a great job on it and be nice to see another Rally on the Melbourne streets.

There is a Rally for sale in SFr on Craigslist that looks like a bargain for 2k USD, then adding shipping to bring it across and do a small project it would be a lovely bike I suspect.


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