I got another call from Roberto (Vespa Wizard) re: a '1973 Vespa (auto lube) Super' that a customer of his brought in for extensive mechanical refurbishment. Apart from the mechanical work, the body has also had a checkered past, with corrosion evident, numerous non factory drilled holes and a range of dings 'n' dents.

After viewing it, I agreed to carry out the various bodywork repairs. Alessio the owner doesn't want any filler (bog) used and that's fine by me, as I'll be using traditional methods of 'leading' to repair surface corrosion, primarily on the footboards of the scooter.

Here are some pix illustrating the current state of the body illustrating where the repairs are needed.

Note: The scooter has been sand blasted. Be very cautious if you choose this option on fragile/precious scooter bodies/panels, as it can easily deform them.

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So, we have an update.

Today i spent time with Roberto choosing a few things on this Super together as he wanted to make sure i was happy with the build the way it was going ahead. Last min i changed my mind and wanted to add the original alloy strip to the legshield. I cant explain the cringe that Roberto did when he heard me say i wanted the strip. With a bit of help from me, Roberto managed to get the alloy strip on 98% perfectly and in under record time. I gotta say i think he was more nerves than me but he did well.

We managed to scratch the floor a little but luckily i have some touch up paint handy.

Floor strips and old stool rivets in

alloy leg shield on

wiring done

forks done

badges on

cables ran

engine assembled and ready for fitting.

Ive left the motor standard as this Super is quite a rare model, Came out with a automixer. Must of snuck out of the factory as a prototype in-between the rally.

The motor is one of franks (vespa house) so i know its going to be fine. I road the Super to Robertos from albert park and it went 80ks with no issues on the nepean hwy. Plenty of crank and comp.

Looks like GPS are sending us some goodies for the rest of the build and we should be ready for a vespa meeting soon.

Oh by the way i went 12v, thats the only after market mod and non original thing i have done to this Vespa.


It's looking very nice Alessio. I dropped by Roberto's last week and saw it in the flesh. The paint work is superb. It will be a stand out amongst your collection.

Re born. It looks great

Hi Alessio and Vincent. I saw your Super at Roberto's workshop a few days ago. It looks great. Wonderful work on the body Vincent and your painter did a great job Alessio. You were lucky to have witnessed Roberto rolling on a genuine aluminium leg shield trim, a task that can so easily go wrong. I have a connection with you. The tool Roberto used I bought to put the trim of my scooter. I stuffed mine up a bit but it was my first attempt. Anyway Roberto and I ended up going halves on the cost of that tool and it's been around the traps since. Have a great time on your Super. I love mine, David

Thanks guys,

can't wait to ride this and show it off. The reason i bought this David was because i saw yours and loved it.

Is that the one with the 177 kit you were talking about. I didnt kit mine as the motor is strong and i didnt want to mess with it because it has a mixer.

Thanks Vince for the message. It came out good with your help

The alloy strip ive been told that ive come out very lucky.

Oh btw my painter really enjoyed this project and is looking at taking on jobs on vespa's mid year. My paint job cost me about 3k all up with the cutting at the end when it was dry. He painted all the accessories forks rims and suspension parts ect. originally quoted me 2400 to 2600 but i ended up choosing a better clear coat and needed some cutting and polish work in the end as i was really picky.

If anyone is interested please let me know and i will pass on his details as i understand paint work isn't cheap in this game and there isn't many people who are doing it. I have 3 more to do this year with him and then he's free. Took a month to get it out of his garage which i think is pretty quick for the quality he did.

The before and the after. tomorrow ill update the finally photos as the super is ready and a report on the last touches


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