Roberto (the Vespa Wizard) approached me a while back to see if I could repair a rare Vespa utility box for a project of his. The box was in good shape but had bad corrosion damage in a number of areas. Sourcing a replacement box hadn't been successful so Roberto asked me whether I would be able to repair it!

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Replies to This Discussion no-one has noticed yet but it actually belongs to a Lambretta...just masquerading as a Vespa piece! More swiss cheese repairs to come. Stay tuned.

Here's part 2 of the repairs to the Lambretta Utility Box.

I've cut out some more of the perforated  metal, made the repair piece, welded it in place, ground the welds level and lead loaded the repair area and seams where required. There were also numerous erosion pin holes that required remedial attention. Finally to protect the interior from moisture erosion it was coated with POR15. Six and quarter hours between two days and the job is done.

NB. No plastic body filler was used on this restored utility  box.

Great work.... Thanks Vincent


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