I got a call from Roberto (the Vespa Wizard) about an interesting/rare Vespa Postie scooter he'd found. It'd been garaged since the mid 1980s but had suffered considerable corrosion to it's monocoque, especially the floor pan and underneath the central tunnel. It also had myriad holes drilled every where. Interestingly, after minimal attention the engine fired up and ran very sweetly. Being such a rare find Roberto was enthused and of course keen to restore it. The primary issue was the corrosion in the frame...so after a call to me we decided on a course of action. Just a little bit of cut & shut!

If you ever wanted to see the internals of a scooter monocoque here's your opportunity.

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For anyone who was following this restoration project...Roberto has now taken over both ownership and the rebuild. He forwarded me these photos of the rebuilt Postie scooter resplendent in its red livery.
I think it looks fantastic and I'm certain will give its new owner/care-taker a lot of enjoyment and pleasure.

Wow that has come up a treat Vincent....does this mean Roberto has a nice red vespa again...:)

Hey Roberto, you need to post the final chapter of the 'Postie Speciale' with her finished 'look' :)

Came up a treat and it is a credit to both Vincent and yourself. Brilliant work.

Here we go.... the finished product.

Not bad for something destined to go to the metal scraps.

Katrina, a new member, will be her proud owner. I believe her name will be "Rossa"

Notice the matching red helmet


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