The comment below was made on another forum that I post to. I have no idea as to its historical validity!

"On the subject of scooters was this the inspiration for Vespa? Made in 1922 (twenty years before Vespa) Only three made. One still at the Jet Age Museum in Gloucester, the remaining two were bought in the 1920's by an Italian."

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Thanks for this post Vincent. The Unibus is a beautiful looking machine. According to this article, it was a very advanced scooter for its day. However at £95, er make that guineas, it was way too expensive to be a success.

Some other early scooters dating back to 1914:

If you like 2-wheel metal fantasies, here is an early club site post that celebrates scooter designs in all their extravagance (just keep clicking through the pages).

And top hats off to suffragette Florence Priscilla, Lady Norman for her wise choice in transport

Here's some interesting info on the Unibus (care of the Rover P5 Forum in the UK)


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