Hi Friends, 

I suppose you remember in Europe, there is a "small country", with a small club... ;-) 

Here the  video of our last ride 10 days ago. 

Wishing you the best for your... "winter". 



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We remember our friends. And we will return to Paris too.

Hi Spock

Yes this is our winter, and it is cold, but made warmer by watching your fabulous ride in that glorious sunshine over there in France.  Think of you often and we will come visit again.  I hope Christian enjoys his trip to Bali in August.  Hmm so close to Australia...LOL...

All the best


Hi Spock,

Still check the Tontons site daily and enjoy your work.


Always a delight to see Les Tontons videos. Everyone looks so happy and relaxed. And those colourful shirts—fantastic!

Enjoy your summer...wish we are there.

You're right Anthony! We are very attached to keep the French Fashion (!) with us and on our shirts! lol. 


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