I would like to thank all who participated in this amazingly successful event on Sunday and I am happy to announce that we raised $1,300 for the KAD Charity, which is fantastic.

Thanks to the lead riders, tail riders, and corner markers who made the ride so easy for everyone to enjoy.  Thank you also to Ira, Stefan and neighbours for the very generous morning tea as always.  98 was pretty close this year to the goal of 100 :)

For a ride of this size, it went very well. We were a sight to behold and I hope this was the best ride of the year for you.  I know for some it was your first ride with the club and I hope it has encouraged you to join in more events in 2018.  

This is a club that rides respectfully and shows concern for fellow members, and our rides are carefully planned; we have ride protocols and we expect everyone in the club to respect them.  

Lastly I personally would like to thank Bren and John Walker for driving our injured Secretary around, this event is Greg's baby and to miss it would have been devastating and Kelly turning up in her daughter's red VDub and tagging along at the back because her vespa didn't start was such a thrill.....  

To everyone who missed the ride, I hope you can join us in 2018.

Thank you once again for a very successful event.

Cheers Julie

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Hi Julie

This was my first ride with the club, it was a absolutely awesome day out, Three days later I still have a smile from ear to ear.

Thank you to VCM and everyone involved who help make this day amenable  one.

Great Club

Great People

Great Times.


Thank you Julie you did a grand job of being leader , Jo and I had a great time and next year we will be on the ferry for the trip back to Melbourne.




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