Priscilla and I were up again at 4.30am in readiness for Thursday's 6am start and another 500km ride on Day 2 of the Classic Mille. She started first kick. It was cool as we rode out of Boonah and up into the parched grass hills. Soon we were enveloped in thick fog and mist riding into a soft white wall. All that moisture makes Priscilla's motor run so sweet. However the day was later to turn into a 37 degree inferno. The navigation on Day 2 was very tricky. Priscilla, er David, got lost. He thought he could navigate by instinct. Ha! All he had to do was to follow his own mud maps. "Trust the mud maps Luke" as they were spot on. We rode up the top of Mount Glorious so steep in places that we were in 2nd gear doing 9 kms an hour. I had the privilege to watch Beth (rider) and Rolf (passenger) working as a team to wrestle Reva and sidecar outfit around the many curves. Apparently the paintwork on the rear drum cooked as it over-heated on the steep downhill runs and a wheel rim cracked from the strain. The ever resourceful couple made a running repair weld at some remote garage. Beth and Rolf were magnificent and in villages such as Montville, heads turned and eyes popped as this impossible little Vespa-that-could, hauled the pair up the hill out of town at a very respectful rate. We rode past the Glasshouse Mountains and as far up the Sunshine Coast as Palmwoods. Because of the heat, breakdowns and navigation issues, there was a 40% drop out rate of riders during Day 2. Priscilla completed the route doing the last 30 kms in the dark down an unlit forest road from Mount Nembo. With a one candle watt headlight and the occasional road reflector, we hoped the wildlife would stay off the road as we careered downhill into the night. All in all, Priscilla did 572kms, the longest single day ride she's ever done. It was go go go all day so I don't have a single photo of the spectacular scenery we passed through. Just a pic of Priscilla resting in the motel car park on her day off after such an exhausting time, at Kangaroo Point overlooking the city, and one of her outside a wooden Queenslaner in West End. Love from Brissy.


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Priscilla next to Storey Bridge, Brisbane. Got up early and putt-putted down to the Gold Coast on nice quiet back roads via Canungra. A few days here before heading slowly homeward. 

Sounds like an interesting challenge in that heat for both vespas and riders but what a wonderful story David... haha love you maps, they always make for an adventure of some sort... safe travels home and congratulations to all who did the trip to Brissy....


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