Hello Vespa enthusiasts,

I have been riding since was a teen, and one of my first bikes was a little 2 stroke scooter. I then acquired another 4 stroke mini bike which had a motor used in many Jap scooter models. WHAT - you say - no jap bikes here.... well read on.

Later in the biker life (many various bikes later) I acquired a (well sort of a Vespa) and toured across the Australian Alps and  then back along the coast. nothing but our tents & camping gear and stopped overnight by a riverside and rolled through the Daisies wherever we felt like it.

I redid the trip later on a big German touring bike, but it was nowhere as fun. The scooter offered adventure, and a leisurely pace that lets one absorb the trip rather than just do it.

Ok the Vespa bit - I always admired the PX200, as it had the biggest engine, an electric starter motor, electronic ignition, looks great, is a classic, is hopefully the one of the most (technically) refined of the metal body Vespas, and .....has a spare wheel. 

So I bought one for my wife - She said I rode it more than she did, so I bought a second one for me, because we both enjoy riding our PX scooters:)

Anyway, we've enjoyed a couple of local rides with the club (which is waaay better fun than riding a few hundred km in a day with Road touring bike clubs), and look forward to enjoying some longer weekend tours as well.

Cheers, Ray :)

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Sounds like you have had some great adventures Ray, thanks for sharing with us and we look forward to you and Suzette joining us for more great vespa adventures...:)

Cheers Julie


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