A big thank you to all the participants of the Milk Run Ride. Corner marking was excellent and in what I believe is a club first, James marked the corner at the start the dirt section of the Grand Ridge Road and at the end of this same piece of road. What the??!! I think he has a magic box that can travel through time and space, well space anyway. It was great to catch up with the Gippsland crew and to share a part of their world. My apologies for our late arrival in Bunyip. Hope to see you again. Congratulations to a number of first time riders with the club on a weekend event and for coping with David's dirt road bits without fuss or drama. We were blessed with perfect weather and the lush rolling hills of Gippy were the heroes of the ride. Anybody sick of the colour green at the end of day two? Of course not! And when we weren't riding, there was the warmth, fun and storytelling of comrades in handlebars. Thanks to Paul and Judy for their hospitality, cowing patting amongst the cow pats, scones, shortbread and a welcome cuppa along with stunning views from the veranda of their home. Also to Bob and Yvonne for welcoming our visit to his eclectic art studio in Koonwarra. Our best wishes to Greg and Julie. Oh, I found a stack of melted "Milky Bars" in my top box. I was supposed to hand them out at some point during the weekend. Doh, the start of a series of dementia rides Pam? 


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Thankyou, David, for the superb organisation of the Milk Run! We had so much fun!

Thank you David and everyone for a lovely weekend and for all your amazing support.

Cheers Julie

Thanks David for the excellent planning of the milk run.I have never had so much fun at 80 k’s an hour.
Cheers Noel


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