Anyone have recommendations on a place that sells motorcycle leather jackets apart from Mars in the city?

Doesn't have to be a brand name either.

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None at AMX Tony???  There is also another motorcycle accessory shop in Nicholson St well I think it is still there...!!

Hey Tony last Saturday I bought a leather jacket from AMX in Dorset road it's a RJAYS full
Leather and it doesn't break the budget I also bought some jeans ( they have plenty there)
I had a good discount go and check out.

Have you been to Bikers Gear they make all sorts of Leather jackets, jeans and boots.  Great place.

I have been looking for a new jacket and pants and Bikers Gear tip looks like a good one and have just placed an order. thanks Diane for this tip. 

Tried second hand on Gumtree? Always people listing motorcycle gear and it's usually in good nick.


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