can this be fitted to a Vespa? I saw it today at the Mac Store.

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Yep it is pricey Sam :(

The actual mounts are cheap, the cost is in the water proof case for the Iphone.

I am planning to use the Iphone GPS on Martins recommendation :)

I hope it all works in the end :)

Hey Anne, just looking at the website in more detail:

If you go to the RAM mount website, choose 'motorcycle mount' under products, it then lets you choose your device (what sort of phone) your motorbike and model and comes up with a suggestion.

For example, for my LX it came up with this:

That's just for the stem/rail mount, then the base part is another component!

Blimey! These companies sure like to charge like wounded bulls for these things, don't they?

Yes I bought a basic ram mount for $10 and then made a wood block for the back in which I cut a slot for the mirror stem.

The ram mount was purchased here:

The mount Anne is looking at is much more sophisticated in that it has a totally waterproof case and comes with a handle bar mount and can be swiveled 90deg

When it rains I have to put my iphone away.


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