can this be fitted to a Vespa? I saw it today at the Mac Store.

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I don't believe so. Almost all iphone bike mounts need to mount on tubular handle bars which almost no Vespas have. The so called mount experts, Ram Mount don't have a Vespa solution.

I've done a fair amount of searching but haven't seen anything really suited to for a Vespa which needs a mount for the mirror stem. Thats why I ended up making my rather crude home made mount



Steve has done a nice bit of engineering for his mount. He has machined 2 blocks of aluminium that have a slot cut thru for the mirror stem, these then bolt together to hold tightly on the stem. Guessing Steve has access to some nice machinery.
Hi, you don't need much to do it; hacksaw , metal file , a vice and a drill. If you need a hand I can help by a bit of advice and tapping the threads. It is really just a matter of time to do it, a few hours but it is satisfying. If you strike trouble I will help. I don't know the bracket you mean but mine is a RAM. I will check out your link and get back. Just had a look. There must be some way of doing it; probably off the mirror stem.

Steve, I need HELP!

I know, Anne, I know!

Yep ahhhhhaaaaa, I concur, but sadly I do believe I am beyond HELP Steve (wink)

That Club has at least 2 of us Anne. Happy to jig something up if it will help. Have you bought a GPS  and as you already have a camera mount it's difficult to fit. Just a guess. No problem is too big.

Steve, I have not bought an Iphone holder yet, but looking around it looks like the bracket needs to be tweaked (made smaller to grip the mirror). Should I just buy one I like and we can have a "tinker" date?

PS no longer getting a GPS thingy, I have Ian (awwww lovely Ian )

Tony, a Steve type solution would be better than mine.

All I do is walk around Clark Rubber until I find something I can use.

Hey Martin,

Can you let me know which RAM mount you ended up getting and attaching to the wood?

I looked at this one:

but it's pricey and I'm a bit skeptical!

Hi Sam , I just ordered this:

I think it will need a little modification and tinkering

Will let you know how I go once it arrives :)

Cheers Anne :)

Oh okay! It's a bit pricey tho'! Sure hope it works!

I seem to recall Martin telling me his RAM mount cost $7-8 (?) and he fashioned the rest from a block of wood and bolts. (I even took a pic of it, so I could get an idea of what to do)

As I am H O P E L E S S when it comes to directions, I was hoping to get something that can be modified and then run TomTom or something similar on my iPhone.


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