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oooh. Checking

Bell Bullit - 3 stars under this survey. But it's not the most comfortable helmet.

Interesting reading James....

My NOLAN is not on the list so must exceed their standards (!!)

Paul S


Well after Greg's fall on the Milk Run ride I can only encourage EVERYONE to wear full face helmets. 

If he hadn't had his on he would still be in hospital with half his face missing...looking at his helmet.  As it is he only has a fractured humerus and lower clavicle or collarbone.. We find out tomorrow whether he needs an operation or not...

Sorry to here that Greg’s had such a very serious fall.
We all wish him a good and speedy recovery. John k
Sorry to hear of Greg’s fall - hope for a speedy recovery

I took the fall, and the impact (judging by the damage to my helmet) was face down against the bitumen.

I ended up in hospital with a shattered shoulder and arm.

But my face was intact. No brain injury. My helmet was not.

Always wear a full face helmet! No arguments.

Awful way to again prove that there is no common sense excuse for wearing an open face helmet.


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