Round The Bay Ride on Sunday - final rider advice.
- Arrive at your chosen departure point with a full tank of fuel. The only refuel point is Pt Arlington. GL riders fuel up in Yarraville in the morning.

-Lead and Tail riders wear yellow vests, corner markers wear 

blue. Follow the direction of the blue vested riders.

- Departure times are absolute. Be geared up and ready to go. The Mornington stop is a re group only. DO NOT GEAR DOWN there.

- Safety first/ Leave safe distances between scooters. No overtaking on the left or on corners.

- If you need to leave the ride, stop and wave the ride past until you see the Tail Rider. If you just turn off, you will take following scooters with you.

- This is a huge ride on a schedule. We can't stop for breakdowns or wait for riders who can't maintain the ride speed. If you are a learner or inexperienced then the whole circuit is probably not for you.

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Geelong crew, I have now put in the breakfast orders I have received. 

To those who have yet to order please do so as a matter of urgency.  Orders taken after 8am may not come out in time for you to eat and leave by 8.30am. 

We can not wait for anyone, we will be leaving on time as we have a schedule to keep.


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