I got another call from Roberto (Vespa Wizard) re: a '1973 Vespa (auto lube) Super' that a customer of his brought in for extensive mechanical refurbishment. Apart from the mechanical work, the body has also had a checkered past, with corrosion evident, numerous non factory drilled holes and a range of dings 'n' dents.

After viewing it, I agreed to carry out the various bodywork repairs. Alessio the owner doesn't want any filler (bog) used and that's fine by me, as I'll be using traditional methods of 'leading' to repair surface corrosion, primarily on the footboards of the scooter.

Here are some pix illustrating the current state of the body illustrating where the repairs are needed.

Note: The scooter has been sand blasted. Be very cautious if you choose this option on fragile/precious scooter bodies/panels, as it can easily deform them.

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She's getting some paint this week and hopefully back together just after the new year

Lookin' good Alessio...it'll make a fine lounge room talking piece. Hopefully it'll get the occasional run too!

Fab school?

He was at tafe doing his spray painting course and you were doing metal fabrication 

It's a nice story but it news to me Alessio! I started as an apprentice motor mechanic in 1968...then went back to school, then worked in the printing industry then eventually went to university and became a secondary art teacher ending up with a Masters of Education. There was also a whole lot of other stuff in between. I taught myself how to weld in my 20s due to poor workmanship by lame panel beaters. I did a lot of welding in art school but mainly making steel sculptures. I've always had an interest in hotrods/motorbikes/classic and custom cars...and guys like Bill Hines.

Hi Vince,

He knows you from school.

Picking her up tomorrow 

Looking really nice Alessio. You should be very pleased with the outcome.


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