I got another call from Roberto (Vespa Wizard) re: a '1973 Vespa (auto lube) Super' that a customer of his brought in for extensive mechanical refurbishment. Apart from the mechanical work, the body has also had a checkered past, with corrosion evident, numerous non factory drilled holes and a range of dings 'n' dents.

After viewing it, I agreed to carry out the various bodywork repairs. Alessio the owner doesn't want any filler (bog) used and that's fine by me, as I'll be using traditional methods of 'leading' to repair surface corrosion, primarily on the footboards of the scooter.

Here are some pix illustrating the current state of the body illustrating where the repairs are needed.

Note: The scooter has been sand blasted. Be very cautious if you choose this option on fragile/precious scooter bodies/panels, as it can easily deform them.

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That's great news Alessio. I'm pleased that your 'paint' and body' mates are happy with the result. Nice colour choice too... and I'll certainly look forward to seeing it in paint and eventually the finished article. 

I think updating this blog regularly is really useful to anyone like minded, as the transformation from a rough, knocked about scooter, to your pristine vision will be very helpful, if not motivating.

Here are your pix again (from above) Alessio...just easier to see if they're visible within the text body of the blog.

thanks, i didnt know how to display the photos like that

My goodness Vincent, that is some mighty fine work you have done on this vespa and thank you for sharing it is great to see what can be done to restore these old girls. Love the color you have chosen for it also Alessio... looking forward to seeing it on the road.

Hi Julie...just Vince is fine. I thought some pictorial tech may interest some of the VCM enthusiasts. I also think it's great that Alessio is going to continue with this blog highlighting the work to bring his scooter back to life.

Posting Pix with text.

As an aside it's often initially difficult to bring up the message box with 'the toolbar' for posting pix so that they can be directly seen with the text. I often open and close the VCM page several times and the message box incorporating the toolbar (with the icon for posting pix) just appears! I don't know if it's a glitch in the system, but I'm sure it must affect other people wishing to post a combined text and image related comment.

Hi guys,

Update on the Super.

My spray painter has been doing quite a bit of work every night after his day job. he has gotten the body 100% and managed to match the colour i wanted with a Peugeot blue but ive had a change of heart to a lighter blue grey and a brown seat

Mind you he has put his other jobs on hold as my accessory's were sand blasted and needed paint asap. hoping 2 weeks it will be at the wizards ready for assembly 

Great to see the progress occurring on your scoot Alessio. Looking forward to seeing the colour you finally settle on.

PS. I really did like the deep blue colour that was your first choice. In my view more of an extrovert statement...but each to their own. keep the updates coming.

Hi Vince,

I did too like the darker blue but i have a few things already that colour eg my car and another vespa so thought a lighter option would suit better and it will spend most of its time in my house so will looks really nice

Heres some more pics, finally picked a colour.

Vince my painter went to fab school with you small world.


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